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Our Mission

About-usSimplifying Research Institute began as a Medical Research Consulting Company aiming to positively impact on health professionals. Our team is strongly committed to improving lives and wellbeing of humans.

Through continuing education SIR-IN seeks to enhance clinical research capabilities. Every single good investigator is a good analyser of clinical scenarios. After some time in practice, clinicians think that the same circumstances have occurred among their patients repeatedly, although they have not an established causal relationship for these facts. Physicians, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists, audiologists, optometrists, psychologists, podiatrists, therapists etc., commonly produce answerable research questions from their practice.

You may have thought of starting collecting data so that you can find out what the answers to your reasonable questions are. But how could you start doing that by yourself? Thinking backwards of your medical school lectures, you may remember theoretical concepts on Hypothesis, Study Designs, Biostatistics, etc. However, health research methodology requires to be taught by means of Work-Integrated Learning in order to be really effective.

Knowledge in the digital era has evolved. Given the current trends, we will all be much more self-taught persons over the coming years. To date, delivery of e-learning has progressed from paper-based distance communication to the use of technology to achieve the highest standards.

For this purpose, SIR-IN has created Educational Resources so that you can begin to design your study right now. It does not matter what your Health Science Field/Specialty is, it does not matter what your entry level is, you will have access to key information for better understanding Healthcare Scientific Literature, for critically appraise your articles readings and to start designing your investigations. Our goal is to build the proper environment that brings you to a real work situation and to empower you to solve evidence based practice problems. That is the hallmark of our teaching system. We welcome you to explore our strengths.