Secondary research

consultingThere are some cases in which efficacy and effectiveness of a specific intervention is not based on good quality studies and appropriate design. Systematic reviews are the best option to determine the actual effectiveness of a certain intervention.

When you are reading about an intervention: How many non-published studies with negative results exist per number of published studies with positive results? A good systematic review studies the chance of overestimating the effect of an intervention quantifying the risk of publication bias.

How is the quality of a primary research study on an intervention? A systematic review must include a section to determine the quality of the included studies. In the case that these studies have a high risk of bias, the quantitative results will show this lack of quality. In some cases, results could even show the opposite direction.

Are you 100% confident about your clinical decision making and management based on secondary research? Systematic reviews should also be read critically and define their usefulness in clinical decision making. When there are several systematic reviews on a topic, the best option is an overview that could state the differential quality of every single review and the overall contribution to the new knowledge.

Critical Appraisal

We can assist you on these important pieces of the reading of medical and health sciences:

  1. Provide you with tools for solving time problems when you are trying to select specific information from medical articles.
  2. Give you new insight on bias risk in published articles that you need to use for your clinical decision making and/or management in healthcare.
  3. Train the professional for better interpretation of the results published in articles and to explain the discrepancies between outcomes and discussion and conclusions.

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Expert Advice on Protocols designs

Our experts can provide a critical review of your research protocol. The can also give you some recommendations for achieving the highest standard level regarding your medical research question.

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