Welcome to the SIR-IN teaching area. We develop online workshops and courses that are related to Applied Research in Health Sciences as well as specific online workshops on how to understand biomedical research concepts for using them in your routine clinical work.

e-learningWe are aware of the promising future of the online education. New generations will hardly attend campus-based classes when they will be at University. On the other hand, and focusing on postgraduate studies and continuing education for professionals, e-learning is starting to be a fundamental system when compared to traditional learning methods. Daily workload and the need for balancing work and time with family are obstacles for attending face-to-face courses.

However, e-learning courses cannot only consist of uploaded files into a digital campus for autonomous study. Even when contents include recordings related to the course slides, master lecture videos or multiple choice questions; this resources might not be enough for real understanding. For this reason, our courses incorporate educational innovation. Our learning methodologies together with communication technologies promote operative continuing education. The purpose of this unique method is to enhance concentration skills so that health professionals can optimize their time. SIR-IN believes that e-learning must offer the opportunity to acquire and manage knowledge within our professional environment.

The concepts that are taught are essential for your everyday clinical work. However, they are not easy concepts to learn from the traditional educational point of view. Being efficient with time is crucial for professionals to reduce the daily healthcare workload. For this purpose, we have created our Applied Research Courses, so that active methodologies and clear, and recurrent medical situations enable you to turn applicable knowledge into effective problem solving skills. We welcome you to explore them.

Doses of Knowledge / Applied research courses

Our Applied Research Courses have an e-learning format so that you can study by yourself, anytime and anywhere. Exercises and simulated scenarios will promote enhanced understanding on how to read relevant articles in your specific field.Our primary focus is that you can achieve high standards and new teaching methodologies will be of paramount importance for us so that your time for training and continuing education will be well-spent. We invite you to explore our Course’s trailers so that you can know what our active Case Method is.